afterlife question 

Happy Transgender Day of Visibility! Remember: we're still here, and we will persevere. <3

@null i'm soup
what do you mean you're soup
I mean I'm soup
What are you right now

so you’re telling me it’s a love story, but there’s only two people. that doesn’t make any sense

What’s the difference between a rock and a boulder?

trans (fem), shitposty 


I turn off the computer
I get into bed
And then I'm like

What if we've been unnecessarily galaxy braining it

Why are people boosting this

This is not funny relatable content

♀️ happy international women's day! and here's a reminder that Native Women go missing and are murdered at staggering rates overshadowing any other group in North America.

are you in a giving mood? you can donate to the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women #MMIW #mmiwg

since people seemed interested in the Pictochat instruction booklet, here's what's in it

stack exchange being generally frightful 

I think I just set a new personal best for amount of gay in my day

a choker could also work as a belt for a baby when u think about it

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